JavaScript is the world's most popular language and is widely used in many websites and almost all web applications. We have created this website to share our experience in JavaScript based projects with the world and to create useful applications and explore their usage in real world.

This website creates new possibilities for developers to create cross-platform JavaScript based projects including, games, APIs, plugins, addons, apps, extensions and much more. We bring together a portfolio that spans coding, style, software and design to solve current gaps in developing softwares which are based on web technologies (HTML, JS and CSS). The web is full of great examples of softwares being used to bring a website or app to life and provide great user experiences. We provide a free and open-source framework that allows you to create softwares using standard JavaScript language for the platforms you care about. We welcome your comments, contributions and suggestions.

Why using eccorem's platform? Because it is free of charge, open-source and available to anyone on GitHub. Moreover, it is easy to work with, just code with JavaScript, HTML, and style with CSS. It is powerful, has cross-platform UI abstractions, and includes third-party native libraries. Please feel free to contact us and contribute in developing wonderful applications.

In order to share your idea with us or contribute on developing a web-based application, please use the contact form below.