Convert to MP3


Convert to MP3 the addon is a powerful add-on that can convert supported audio or video file to .mp3 format using lame.js JavaScript library.

  • Has a stand-alone UI with several audio settings.

  • Lite addon, and has no background activities when the UI is closed.

  • Works for all video and audio files that are supported in your browser.

  • Available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Convert to MP3?

    Convert to MP3 is an addon that let you easily convert audio or video files to mp3 file format. Simply, drag the audio or video file in the addons UI (top section). Once the media is added to the UI, click on the convert button to start the conversion process. Before conversion, you can adjust some settings including audio bit rate, audio sample rate, and audio channels. Moreover, you can trim the audio at desired periods. The core for this addon, is lame.js JavaScript library. Please read below FAQs to get more info about this addon.

  • How can I work with Convert to MP3 addon?

    As mentioned above, simply drag & drop an audio or video file in the app UI (top section where there is a + sign). Please note that the input audio or video file should be supported in your browser, meaning, the browser should be able to play the media if you drop it in a new tab. Once the media is added to the app UI, you can click on the convert button to start the conversion process. Depending on the audio or video file size, the conversion process time may vary. Once the process is done, please click on the download button to download the mp3 file to your machine. Download location is the default download path on your system.

  • What engine is behind the conversion process?

    As mentioned above, this addon uses the lame.js JavaScript library to perform the conversion process. Please read this GitHub repo to get more info about lame.js library. It is important to note that because lame.js is a javascript library and NOT a native project (C or C++) the performance might not be as expected comparing to native conversion tools. But, according to our tests, it is quite acceptable and a very useful tool for your browser. Especially, when it does NOT need any third-party apps or plugins and works locally on your machine (does not need an internet connection).

  • Is there an options page for this addon?

    Within the UI, there are few options to adjust for the mp3 conversion. There is not a separate options page for this addon.

  • Can I use this addon in my Android or IOS device?

    Yes, this addon is supported in all modern devices, as long as you have a browser that supports add-ons or extensions. Currently, opera and firefox browsers support adding extensions on mobile devices. Please note that using extensions in mobile devices may not be as comfortable as using them on your desktop machine. This is due to the screen size limitations in small devices.

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