Download Statusbar


Download Statusbar let you list all your downloads in the browser-statusbar, plus, you can manage all downloads (clear, pause, resume, cancel, etc.).

  • Easily manage your downloads from statusbar.

  • Press toolbar icon to show the statusbar and close button to hide.

  • Has several options and settings to adjust in the options page.

  • Available for all browsers and platforms (Window, Linux and Mac).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Download Statusbar?

    Download Statusbar is a lite and multi-browser addon that let you easily manage your downloads from statusbar. Simply click on the toolbar icon to show the statusbar. Please note that, you need to have at least one active download for the statusbar to become visible. Within the statusbar, downloads are listed horizontally. Each download has a context menu with several options. In order to close the statusbar please click on the red close button within the statusbar. Please note that, currently toolbar button only shows the statusbar.

  • How can I work with this addon?

    As mentioned above, in order to show the statusbar, please click on the toolbar button once. The statusbar will be placed at the bottom of the page. If you want to close the statusbar please click on the cross sign (red background color) at the right corner. Each download has a context-menu with several options. There is also a clear button within the context-menu to remove the current download item from the statusbar.

  • What buttons are available within the context-menu?

    Each context-menu has eight buttons. From top to bottom there is launch button in order to run the downloaded file. Next button is for showing the file within the downloaded folder. The next button is for showing the browser built-in download manager. In order to permanently delete a file from disk, please press on the 4th button within the context menu. There is also a button to copy the download link to the clipboard. If a download is active, you can pause or cancel it with the buttons within the context menu. The last button is to clear the current download from the statusbar list.

  • What information is shown in statusbar when a download is active?

    When a download is active, you will see a progress-bar within the statusbar. Moreover, total downloaded bytes, download speed and download percentage will be shown within the statusbar. If you hover over a download item in statusbar, more information will be shown in the popup menu.

  • Does this addon has any options or settings?

    Yes, this addon has an options page with few settings in it. Once you open options page from the extension tab in your browser, you will see 3 sections. The first section is for the notification sound. Section two is for the statusbar appearance (i.e. download background color). The last section is for the download-item width and height as-well-as the font settings. There is also a reset button at the bottom left corner to reset the settings to the default values.

  • Is this addon available for mobile browsers?

    Yes, this addon is available for both desktop and mobile machines in all operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac).

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