Todo and Task Manager


Todo and Task Manager is a lite addon that let you easily add new tasks and todo items via your browser's toolbar popup.

  • Add new tasks and todo items via toolbar popup.

  • Has option to set priority and project type for each item.

  • Reminds you the current due-task via an alarm sound and also a notification popup.

  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Todo and Task Manager?

    Todo and Task Manager is a browser plugin to let you manage your tasks and todo lists. Just open toolbar popup and click on the big plus (+) button to add a new task. In the new UI, you can set title at the top, then, adjust the due date. Due date has 4 predefined shortcuts (today, tomorrow, next week, in 1 month). If you want to set a different date, simply adjust it through the date field. Next section is for Time settings. Set a desired time for the current task, you can adjust the time with keyboard. Next, you can set project title for the current task. Default title is - no project - item. Priority is the next setting. Please adjust a desired priority for the current task. If you want a reminder to be shown when a task is due, please enable the reminder button. At the end, you can add a comment for each task. This comment will be shown when the reminder is triggered (shown on the screen as a popup). Press confirm to save this new task when all adjustments are done. Please read below FAQs to get more info about this addon.

  • How can I work with this addon?

    Please open toolbar popup and click on the plus (+) button at the bottom right corner in the UI. In the new screen, add a new task and adjust desired settings. Then, click on the confirm button. When a new task is added, you can edit the details by clicking on the edit button. Simply hover over a new task to see extra options. In toolbar popup, at the top section there is an options button (3 bars). Please click on this button to view settings sidebar for this app on the left side. Tasks can be sorted by name, project and priority in toolbar popup. Badge icon will also show you all overdue tasks in the top toolbar.

  • Can I open the app UI in a separate window?

    No, the UI is currently only available in toolbar popup. In future versions support for this feature will be added.

  • How can I see all my tasks in one place?

    In order to see all tasks, please click on the option button on the top left corner in toolbar popup. When the option sidebar is shown, click on the - all tasks - item in order to render all tasks in the UI.

  • Does this addon includes a build-in calendar?

    No, unfortunately this addon does not have a built-in calendar. It just let you adjust date and time through an input field in the UI.

  • Does Todo and Task Manager has a sync option?

    Currently this addon does NOT sync your tasks and todo items among various devices. All data is stored locally in your machine. Next version will have the sync functionality built into the addon.

  • Can I change the sound option when a notification popup is shown?

    No, the notification option is only available with the default sound. Please note that you can disable notification popup from the toolbar UI.

  • Is this addon available for mobile browsers?

    If you browser supports addon in mobile version, Yes, you can add this addon as well. Currently Firefox browser supports adding plugins. Please note that, in mobile version the addons UI may not be fully visible in the small screens. However, all the functions are working as normal.

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