Translator addon is a powerful translator plugin with a wide range of supported languages; has in-page and toolbar popup user interfaces.

  • Translate desired words or sentences with one click via toolbar popup UI or in-page bubble.

  • Supports a wide variety of languages (source and target).

  • Has the option to auto detect source language.

  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Translator?

    Translator is an addon for your browser that let you easily translate words or sentences to your desired language. Before using the addon please make sure to visit addons option page and adjust the destination language. By default destination language is set to English. You can also choose desired button types. For in-page translation, you can choose to have context-menu or activator button. Once changes are done, please click on the - save changes - button.

  • How can I work with Translator addon?

    There are two ways to work with this addon. You can use toolbar popup UI or the in-page translation bubble. In toolbar popup you should type a word or sentence and get translation. For the in-page bubble, you can select a word or sentence and once the activator button is shown up, click on it to see the translation popup. This way you do not need to type any word or sentence to get translations. Within the translation bubble, you see four tabs. The first tab is for translation. Second tab is for definitions; third tab is for the synonyms and the last tab is for examples. There is also a button to pronounce you words or sentences in any destination language.

  • Is there an options page for this addon?

    Yes, as mentioned above, there are few settings which you can adjust through the options page. Please make sure to click on the save button after you made changes in the options page.

  • How do I pronounce a word or sentence?

    In order to start a pronunciation, please open toolbar popup UI or the in-page bubble, then click on the pronounce icon next to the word. Please note that, pronunciation is limited to a selected languages only.

  • How to add/remove the toolbar button in Firefox?

    To add or remove toolbar icon, please right-click on a free space in your Firefox toolbar and select "Customize...". Now you can drag and drop the button to a new position.

  • Can I use this addon in my Android or IOS device?

    Yes, this addon is supported in all your devices, as long as you have a modern browser that supports addons/extensions. Currently, opera and firefox browsers support adding addons in mobile devices. Please note that, using extensions in mobile devices may not be as comfortable as using them on your desktop machine. This is due to the screen size limitations in small devices.

  • What JavaScript API is behind the translator API?

    This addon is using google translate API. It is one of the best translation APIs currently available on the market. This API has both a full and lite versions. In full version, translations, definitions, synonyms and example are shown. In the lite version only translation is shown. If you use the translation addon too much, it will automatically switches to the lite version temporarily.

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