Weather is a lite addon that let you easily check your local weather forecast right from toolbar popup.

  • Get all the weather information that you need in toolbar popup.

  • Has a precise daily and hourly weather info.

  • Has few settings to customize the app and supports multiple locations.

  • Available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Weather?

    Weather is a very lite and multi-browser addon that let you easily check local weather forecast right in your browser. Just open toolbar popup and search for your desired city and then press enter. The addon will look for the weather info and renders the UI after few seconds. You can check the current weather temperature, wind speed, visibility and humidity and more. Plus, daily weather forecast and hourly weather info are also available in toolbar popup UI.

  • How can I work with this addon?

    As mentioned above, simply open the popup UI and start searching for your city. Then, click on the Go button and wait for the addon to load the weather info. You can make the current city, default location from the top toolbar (location button). Plus, if you press on the favorite button, the city will be added to the favorite tab. There is also a refresh button in the top toolbar to reload the UI. This addon has badge icon to show the current temperature. In other words, it shows the current temperature as a badge text in toolbar icon. In the settings tab, you can change temperature unit and refresh time (time interval to refresh UI). There is also an option to set decimal point for the current temperature. Please note that, when you change any option, it will be saved to the memory automatically.

  • What settings are available in toolbar popup?

    The first setting is for changing the temperature unit from Fahrenheit or Celsius. Next option is for the launch location. You can set it to always - detect my location - or - manual location -, default is the first option. Refresh time is the third setting in the options page. There are five time intervals to choose from (5, 10, 15 to 60 minutes). The last setting is for adjusting the badge decimal point. You can set it to - no - decimal point or - one - decimal point.

  • Can I open the UI in a separate window?

    No, unfortunately currently the UI is only rendered in the toolbar popup. In future versions, support for this option will be added.

  • What happens when I close and open the browser?

    When you open the browser, the previous session (city) will be loaded in the popup. After few seconds, when the browser is up, badge icon will be updated as well. Whatever changes you make in the popup, will be stored to the memory and loaded next time when you start your browser.

  • Does this addon has a map with weather info?

    No, currently map is not implemented in the UI. Only regular weather info is available in the UI. Support for map may be added in future versions of the addon.

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